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The company emerged from the need to secure healthy and qualitative nutrition by using secrets and supplies  that nature itself provides.

As a result, our company KAZAKIS BIODYNAMICS focuses on producing and promoting biodynamic products, which have guaranteed quality thanks to the constant inspection and monitoring from the moment the plant is still a seed.

The place where our fruits are being produced is the rich flatland of Hleia, a location where climatological conditions, including the soil’s quality are ideal in order to produce citrus fruits and pomegranates while simultaneously, not only does the company produce biodynamic products, but also promote them.







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Biodynamic farming



The term biodynamics derives from the words biological and dynamic.

  In biodynamic farming, the first concern is the vitality of the soil, that is to say, the vitality of an organism with an inexperience of microorganisms that make it easier for plants to use all the substances present in the soil and to give healthy plants with favorable growth Within the farm there is enough biodiversity to exist ecological balance Grease should be done as much as possible by recycling the organic materials existing in the estate. That is why mild livestock farming is also recommended.

The ultimate goal is for the farm to become a living organism with great self-sufficiency whose soul is the cultivator It only uses natural materials for fertilization and plant protection most of which the farmer himself makes in the estate There are stricter specifications than those of General Regulation on Organic Farming of the European Community.

With biodynamic cultivation, plant roots penetrate and spread more, and more beneficial micro-organisms


This makes the plant strong and very durable The fruits ripen in fullness with all the ingredients After harvest they last longer They have good taste and behavior they keep more vitamins and vitality they do not wither as easily they have better organoleptic acceptability than the human body Moreover the consumer knows that buying such products strengthens someone who works reassuringly in nature and man

  In this agriculture are used some special formulations that are like homeopathic substances ie diluted and potentiated natural substances They are the so-called biodynamic preparations Kaps Plants become more resistant the life of the soil extends to deeper layers there are comparative studies and the products last longer after harvest

 Also in biodynamic agriculture account is taken of the so-called cosmic factors, meaning the influences and positions of the celestial bodies mainly of the Moon but also of the Planets' Sun and the combinations of them that are sometimes favorable to some agricultural work and sometimes not issued by specialists relevant calendar

Based on its lessons and the Anthroposophy movement, biodynamic agriculture is based on the belief that plants are affected not only by soil and water but also by what is and is happening above them the climate the sun the moon the universe and the invisible Its Components Understanding cosmic rhythms is important for biodynamic agriculture What is happening on earth is combined with what is happening in the sky Moon phases are not as new as they were taken into account by old farmers and the movements of the celestial bodies play a key role in when and how to do all sorts of work on the estate Plants have the opportunity to express all their potential and ultimately to give more savory and healthy products

 For biodynamic cultivation a holistic approach is required that includes spiritual and cosmic forces along with various preparations to enhance the conditions of plant growth Biodynamic farming aims to make the farm a living organism with the maximum feasible self-sufficiency, ie reducing as much as possible of inputs and productivity increase It has been said that the biodynamic cultivation is for the plant that is the homeopathic treatment for man

  Each farm is not impersonal, cold, or technocratic, and not only allowed but also seeks to stimulate its own specificity

 Plants and animals by nature are interdependent. The personality of the grower's knowledge and character affects the farm itself and the final product, and this is not undesirable. As a result, the products take on their own specific characteristics of the farm identity Products of biodynamic culture bear the international distinction along with the distinct organic product.

The Greek word "Dimitra" means the goddess of agriculture to get the right to use the quality label Demetra internationally.

 A closed production circuit must be applied to the estate. This means that in addition to plant products according to the principles of biodynamic farming, so many animals are kept in the farm, mainly cows that can be fed by themselves to not buy manure or feed except for minimum percentages upon approval and they will in any case come from a biological or biodynamic estate. In fact, the closed circuit and all the principles of biodynamic agriculture must be in the field for at least three years. and specifications for any product processing and packaging.






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